1 Year Later

h1 April 18th, 2008

Just over a year ago I smashed my face into the side of the tub. While things are certainly better, I’m pretty clearly not 100%



Not a DimpleIt’s most noticeable when I smile. People try to say it looks like a dimple. A tipsy woman at L&W’s wedding commented on my dimple, as did the young hostess at a Chinese restaurant. Emily routinely attempts to convince me of the same. I don’t see it, though. Seems too high and somehow “rolling” to be a dimple.

Still, scars are cool. I just need a better story than “the bathtub hit me.”

4 comments to “1 Year Later”

  1. I really think your ‘dimple’ is such an endearing physical characteristic! I know you are fairly self-conscious of it but I really think you need to embrace it. It’s you!

    And I really like the story of a knife-fight in a dark alley. Definitely ups your bad-ass-ness!

  2. PS – Love your hair!

  3. hair is even cuter now.

    I say you tell people you got into a chain fight with a marauding group of Hell’s Angels.

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