The Internets are Fun

h1 March 22nd, 2008

So, last night, me and the Mrs. are sitting around watching a movie and dorking out on the computer. I decide to log into Facebook for the first time in months to answer Emily’s challenge and play a couple of games of Scramble. Pretty quickly, that devolves into trying to figure out who I know that I can add to my limited stable of friends.

Should I mention wine was involved?

Anyway, once I’ve exhausted the friends, relatives, and auto-import of my GMail address book I decide that I want to friend someone cool, smart, and likely to be eating at the same restaurants I am. Sure, I’d never met him, but he seems pretty down to earth and I did take 1 day of my honeymoon to read his entire book, so that has to count for something, right?

Apparently, it does. This completely made my morning.

Aaron and Woz are now friends

3 comments to “The Internets are Fun”

  1. See? and I friended you ‘cus I’m a fan of yours too. I might have to start doing 12 steps to kick my Scramble habit.

  2. Problem? What problem? Who needs 12 steps…


  3. ah. no wonder i suddenly got invites from you two.