Name That (Inagural) Tune

h1 April 12th, 2007


It looks like I’ll be able to pick up my new car later today. If all goes well, I’ll be motoring before the sun goes down.

The problem is I’m trying to figure out what the first song to be played in the new Mini should be. Since I’ll have the iPod integration you know there will be a playlist with a variety of appropriate choices. Still, I need that #1 song.

I’ve been thinking about the good “road” songs I can think of (basically the non-California specific songs I used on my “Move West” playlist).

Seeing as Basil is a British bloke, the Beatles seem pretty appropriate. There is also the theme song from Austin Powers. That would be fun.

Of course, I could just pop my recent favorite songs from Of Montreal, Mika, the Shins, and Modest Mouse. I worry they might not stand the test of time, though. Then again, they would always have an anchor to this place and time.

Decisions, decisions. You got any ideas?

8 comments to “Name That (Inagural) Tune”

  1. [...] Ooh, so jealous. I love those little cars. Spread It Around: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

  2. Definitely Mika’s “Grace Kelly.”

    So fun and so NOW!

  3. Mini the Moocher

  4. Mini the Moocher. I hadn’t thought of that.

    I’m realizing now that I also need a playlist for my last ride in my old Mini. So far I’m going with “Somewhere Down the Road” by Barry Manilow and “Faithfully” by Journey. :)

  5. Highway run…under the midnight sun. Oh come ON! It has to be faithfully for the old one. Now I’m getting all sad to see it go. *sniff*

  6. “You are crazy. The car has no feelings. Besides, the new one is much better.”

    No, I’m going to miss it, too. My guess is I’ve spent 1300 hours or so in that car. That’s almost 2 full months of 24 hours a day. Still, it’s pretty exciting to be getting the snazzy new one.

  7. Well, I thought of one, but it’s probably not so much the tone you’re going for:

    (That Ikea ad cracked me UP!)

  8. Cars by Gary Newman