Peep Poop

h1 March 17th, 2007

The other night after the kitchen debacle I hung out waiting for that other peep to show itself. While I did see him a couple of times I never actually got a hand on him. I had seen him around the appliances on the counter, but I figured it was just a temporary thing as he was running for his candy-coated life.

Once again, as is the theme of the past few posts, I was wrong.

This morning I was clearing up bagel crumbs on the counter and pulled out the toaster (I’m very thorough like that). While I expected to find some bagel crumbs and maybe some bit of cinnamon raisin toast residue from yesterday, I never EVER expected to find what I found.

Toaster Surprise

Peep poop!

Peep Poop

EGADS! I may never eat in our kitchen again.

3 comments to “Peep Poop”

  1. omg, this whole peep series has me cracking up like a crazy person. hysterical!

  2. JEEBUS!

    I’ve totally sanitized that counter and now I feel like the whole kitchen needs to be bleached.


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